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So you want to hire a non-binary escort - What does it all mean?

So you’re interested in booking me… and you’ve noticed I identify as non-binary - and trans?! What does that even mean? Better yet - what does that mean for your experience with me? Does it make you gay? What genitals do I have? Is it complicated? What if you say the wrong thing!?

Don’t fret, these are all valid and understandable questions. All of us on the planet are trying to figure out how to navigate the growing awareness of trans identities - even us trans folks ourselves!

It’s been a little bit intimidating to be “out” within my work persona for this reason. When you’re booking a provider, you want to step outside of the stress of coping in the modern world, so it makes sense to me why some may be intimidated by approaching these types of identities with little to no knowledge on the subject. That feels like work - and let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do while hiring a sex worker is to do mental and emotional work. That’s ok! Your self care time is for YOU!

The internet and political world is an intense and stressful place right now. One small misstep and you’re berated, maimed, name-called, and of course CANCELLED! Due to the sensitivities and eras of being misunderstood and degraded by the primary population, many communities are angry and triggered. That’s understandable. However, it doesn’t mean that any person should be abused or bullied for their lack of understanding.

I don't find intense anger to be helpful. I consider myself to be an agent of connection. My purpose is to bring folks closer together...

So for you, as my client, I promise you a safe space no matter what your level of understanding and knowledge on the topic is. I promise it isn’t hard work. I promise that nothing about your needs or how you get them met needs to be changed - even if you’re 100% only into women!

First, please understand each trans or nonbinary person may identify in a wildly different way than the next. That’s the beauty of identity! It’s unique and special to each individual. No one is exactly the same.

That being said, this all is information from my experience and as it pertains to my *clients*.


My Gender Identity...

I am an “AFAB” person. AFAB stands for “Assigned Female At Birth” which means that I have a vulva and was assigned female or as a “girl” because of this.

I am also Transgender. Transgender simply means that I was assigned a different gender than I am. I am gender-fluid. I am a person who is comfortable with my vulva and “female” body and I also have a lot of masculine energy.

I am also Non-Binary. There are transgender people who are binary. Binary means one or the other. So some trans folks were assigned male and are decidedly a woman and vice versa. For someone who is non-binary, I embrace multiple levels of the spectrum or fall somewhere in between.

My Sexual Identities During Sex....

Just as my gender is an interchangeable spectrum, as is my power identity and sexual position. I’m versatile and a switch, although I do tend to lean more dominant/top due to the nature of my personality. I am very much into each unique experience and toying with the energy brought to the table by my partners.

I enjoy dressing like a “woman” or feminine person. I love makeup, I love lingerie, although I’m not very fond of wearing dresses. I love embodying a feminine role during sex. I love to both embrace my feminine power as a femdom or to melt and be taken by a powerful masculine force.

I do love playing a masculine role and embodying a FTM identity. I enjoy gender bending and role reversal. I find myself very masculine and dominant with a feminine and submissive partner. I enjoy wearing a strap on, love pegging, and embodying masculine power and taking control during sex, and I also enjoy being a hungry Twink bottom begging for more.

I also can take a very dominant feminine role. My biggest kink is just finding what makes my partner melt and morphing myself to that fantasy.


I use they/them pronouns in my daily life. However, I am comfortable with any pronouns. During our time together, I am in service to you and your needs. She/her or he/him are available as it suits your senses!

That being said, when you are not hiring someone for this specific purpose, please do your best to respect pronouns of others. If you slip up - it’s ok! Just correct and move on :)

What does that mean for you, my client...?

Almost nothing. You are no different. Your desires are no different. Or maybe they are! That’s great too.

If you are straight and you were attracted to my womanly essence, then that is who I am to you. Your perception of my ability to meet your needs is still accurate and real. Femininity is a mastered skill of mine and I enjoy fully stepping into my divine feminine and using it to intoxicate you and bring your fantasies to life.

If you are queer, gay, or curious, then I fit the bill as well and I’ll bring to you a more masculine version of me. You’ll get my dual energies anywhere along the spectrum that your interests may lie. I tend to work with many folks who are just pushing the envelope of their sexuality and I’m honored to hold a safe space to comfortably explore queer curiosities as your softboy escort.

Let's embark on your adventure... No matter what your unique tastes.


Danny Gold

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