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Therapeutic Experiences

I am trained in Tantra & Theta Healing, and have vast experience with many different therapeutic and spiritual healing modalities such as integration and relationship coaching.

Below is a list of therapeutic options that can I can provide virtually, as well as include in any in-person booking free of additional charge.

Packages are available at a discount.

Theta Healing Session

Theta healing is a modality of healing that involves accessing source energy through meditation in order to clear belief systems and witness physical, emotional, and spiritual healings.

Zoom:  $155/hr

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a tool to provide a snapshot of your situation. It can be an excellent tool to affirm your path or provide perspective from higher guides. 

Phone reading:



Single card inquiry:

$22/voice message

Tantra & Love Coaching

I guide you in accessing your sensual power and personal truth to help you become more present in your sexual dynamics within or outside of partnerships.

Phone: $111/hr

Zoom: $155/hr

Answer Question

You may find yourself with an itching question that you desire a simple affirmation or feedback for from a trusted source. 

Voice Message Response: $11

Spiritual & Integration Coaching

Support for your ongoing spiritual journey toward higher consciousness with or without accompanying medicine journeys

Phone: $111/hr

Zoom: $155/hr

Text Support

These subscriptions allow or periodic check-ins and answering questions as you move through your journey and integrate what you've learned




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