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Psychedelic Medicine

Let's journey into the unknown...

My greatest gift and passion lies first in sexuality and then in psychedelic medicine - and I believe the two are incredibly intertwined.

After beginning to heal myself with psychedelic medicines, I quickly discovered my heightened ability to intuitively download information and healing prompts through psychedelic medicine combined with touch.


From there I knew I must combine this special work with my companionship offerings. 

Most people desire my traditional companionship enhanced with psychedelic medicine to explore sensuality and pleasure more deeply. Medicines can help someone be more present in the moment and in their body. It can enhance sensations and self-awareness.


Medicines also increase neuroplasticity which means that experiencing mindful, aware, and pleasurable experiences during  medicine help reprogram our brains to carry these positive experiences into daily life.


I do also offer spiritually therapeutic experiences with ceremonial medicine practices that are generally not sensual in nature that can help heal trauma, expand awareness, and increase a sense of oneness and connection. 

Read more about therapeutic ceremonies here

Please book a $44 consultation to discuss your goals.

Brief Therapeutic Journey


Two hours therapeutic spiritual ceremony with short-acting but potent medicine

Deep Dive Therapeutic Journey


An evening of sacred therapeutic medicine ceremony to dive deep into the psyche, clear blockages and trauma, and face discomfort and challenges.

Brief Psychedelic Companionship 


Two hours sensational journey with appropriate short-acting medicines and sensual companionship

Full Psychedelic Companionship


Four hours sensational journey with a moderate medicine and sensual companionship

Deep Dive Psychedelic Companionship


Eight hours to dive deep, explore sensuality, and be guided through the psyche followed by intimate companionship, comfort, and a meal


Book a Psychedelic Consultation 

$44 - can be credited toward your session fee.

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