Virtual Experiences

Pre-Session Constulation

This consultation is meant to provide an opportunity for any and all questions to be answered by me directly. I really enjoy getting to know you before we meet! If you decide to book a service with me, this can credit toward your deposit.


Texting Chat Session

Texting with photos included as appropriate. An excellent way to build the excitement and get to know each other.



Virtual Coaching

Allow me to answer your questions and provide guidance on your curiosities.

These sessions are intended for friendly discovery or educational guidance. 

Phone:  $111/hr

Zoom: $222/hr

Chat Subscription

Subscriptions are intended for text chats and include images,  videos, and voice memos. They are a great tool to build sensual chemistry before or between meetings, or to integrate healing work. 



Virtual Fantasy

Explore your desires and sensual connection with a virtual playdate session.

This session is intended to be sensual and stimulating to the senses. 

Phone: $222/hr

Zoom: $444/hr

Virtual Love Notes

Special virtual messages just for you. Virtual images and videos, created by me as a unique keepsake for you.

15 photos: $55

Voice message: $22

Video Message: $77

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