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Danny Gold

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Based in Hudson Valley, New York

Frequent Visits to New York City, Boston, Washington DC, San Fransisco, Los Angeles & Chicago

Available in NY, Connecticut, & Boston regularly and by request.


Flowers (sunflowers), resposado & anejo tequila,  rainbows, leopard print, pigs, yellow, pink, dark chocolate, tea, organic local coffee, local humane cheese & meat, hiking, organic fruit, gluten-free pastries, sparkling mineral water, cannabis, crystal jewelry, chuck taylor sneakers, YSL, Gucci, Honey Birdette, yoga, fitness, cooking

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My History...

I started my career in the adult industry in 2007 as an erotic dancer for a very short time. I quickly transitioned into a realm that fed my creative and devious mind as a femdom and dominatrix. After a brief stint as a fetish-only provider, I followed my desires to combine sensual companionship with hardcore kink - something that was often frowned upon back then. Nonetheless, my practice was greatly rewarding and I found myself thriving.

Over the years I have tested my skills in many facets of the adult entertainment realm including domination, fetish, companionship, and adult film. Each journey has helped me collect a vast array of skills and technical knowledge that provide tools for my current practice.

In the meanwhile, I have been slowly exploring my own spiritual journey for about ten years. Although, I only dove deep into my awakening a couple of years ago since experimenting consciously with psychedelic medicines, I then began making big changes in my approach to life. This sparked an intense secondary interest in healing with psychedelics, tantra, meditation, herbalism, and other holistic modalities. 

became very eager to combine all of my interested and provide an experience that welcomes both spiritual healing as well as the perversions and pleasures of the flesh. As my career history has proven, following my intuition to combine the things that excite me personally has proven to be a fruitful adventure! 

This brings you the Danny you see today, which is a gracefully integrated version of every hat I've worn in the past. I have a lust for life and exploring the mind, body, and energy.  I am constantly attending seminars and training on various medicine work and healing practices. I have studied under a tantra mentor, and am certified in Theta Healing. I also am a polyamorous lifestyle kinkster and enjoy the realm of fetish, BDSM, swinging, and polyamory both in my professional and personal life. While I have now found a softer and more versatile presentation, I do very much hold each of these facets dearly and love to practice sexuality in all forms whether soft and innocent or perverse and edgy! 

You won't see me retiring any time soon - only continuing to evolve and take my practice along with me! I take great pride in my work, and it fills my heart with joy. I have a lust for experience, and I truly enjoy what I do.

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Non-Discrimination Policy:
I do not discriminate on the basis of race, mental or physical ability, skin color, body type, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, or religious beliefs or anything that makes you uniquely you.
I ask that you represent the same values as well.

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