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Yes, Chef...

Fun fact: I'm a classically trained chef. In 2012 I received my Certification in Culinary Arts via Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. 


 I believe eating together and indulging in rich flavors and sensations is a potent form of foreplay. My passion for food is only paralleled by my passion for sex.


Allow me to provide you a beautiful dinner, featuring aphrodisiac ingredients to whet our sensual appetites while filling our bellies. 


5 hour date, outcall only:

$2800 + food cost

Flexible Rate Retreat

For the low-needs human simply  looking for an excellent travel companion and guide to luxury and relaxation, I offer a special rate for vacation-like retreats. 

Join me  in a destination of my choosing filled with relaxing and leisurely activities so we can both step away from our busy lives and be pampered.

Or, you may opt for my traditionally entertaining experience, with separate rooms and 10 hours apart for alone time each night.

*This option is available for established clients*

Contact for a custom quote.

Celebrations by Danny

Decide a budget and theme and then hand over the reigns! I'm an expert at gathering resources and people for a perfect energetic match, crafting an epic experience to remember! 

Perhaps you have a birthday, promotion, marriage, or divorce you'd like to celebrate. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience and live like a king for a day!

$10,000 minimum

Dinner Date

Other than perfecting my own meal, I adore being treated to a fine dinner to stimulate the senses before indulging in each other as dessert.

I have a history as a trained chef and restaurant reviewer, I enjoy stimulating conversation on the artistry of fine dining. I find deep pleasure in experiencing complex flavors and textures while gazing into my date's eyes and flirting relentlessly, licking luscious sauces from my lips, caressing and tempting with feet below the table.

Dinner with and roughly 2 hrs of private time: $2400 

Approximately 4 hours - more for Michelin-Star tasting menus.

Fly- or Drive-me-to-You

FMTY: Four hours minimum together in your city on any day Thursday-Saturday in any Major Metro Areas​. Three hour minimum for SF.

FMTY available in all cities, any days, for 8hrs+

$ Session fee + airfare, meals & lodging

DMTY: I can drive to you within 5 hours of Long Beach, CA for a minimum of four hours together.

2 hour minimum for SD.

$ Session fee + 50/hr travel time, gas, meals & lodging


Can't get enough?

I offer ongoing arrangements that provide the benefit of consistent care, intimacy,  inspiration, and of course in-person dates.

An ongoing arrangement package can be negotiated to suite your needs and offer a handsome financial discount over my typical hourly rate, plus the perks of ongoing connection.


Virtual packages available!

Mushrooms & Chill

If you're fascinated by the possibility of plant medicine but not quite ready to take a deep spiritual dive, I recommend what I refer to as a more "Sensational Medicine Experience".


While sacred medicine should alawys be used mindfully and never ignorantly abused, I beleive that a sensational experience full of passionate caresses and lots of giggles is a medicinal expereince all it's own. 


Lets create out perfect psychedelic love nest and indulge in our flesh


5 hour date $2900

Topanga Sacred Ceremony

Join me in a beautiful rustic cabin in  the woods of Topanga Canyon for a guided medicine healing. Intended for deep healing sacred ceremony work to heal traumas, purge blockages, and face discomfort.

This is not a sensual/companionship offering. I will join you for a deep healing and once you have come back, I will leave you to rest in the cabin. Includes one integration call.

50% off for SW.

5-8 hours $2222 + 150-300 lodging fees.

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