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Upcoming tours:
SF 2/9 - 2/11


2/15 - 2/16

CHI 2/17 - 2/18

NYC 3/1 - 3/4

I believe that sensual indulgence can fuel personal development...

 - Danny Gold | Sexual Wellness Guide 

You: an adventurous, erotic soul...

Your curiosity has brought you here. You are seeking something to spark your enjoyment of life. You have powerful desire within you and you want to experience the fruits of your fantasy. 

You want to be a better lover,  satisfy a desire, overcome a fear, or discover something new and different.

In essence, you want to learn more about yourself and bring your true deep desires to reality...

Me: your personal guide...

My loving kindness, flirtatious demeanor, and physical beauty has already given you the nudge you need. Trust your intuition and indulge in the divine luxury of self-discovery with a professionally guided experience. 


Areas of Expertise
  • Tantra
  • Companionship
  • Bodywork
  • Energy Healing
  • Sex Coaching
  • Fetish & BDSM
  • Surrogate Playmate
  • Psychedelic Medicines 
  • Ceremonies & Celebrations
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Polyamory
  • Gender Exploration & Transition
  • Sexual Orientation Discovery
  • LGBTQIA+ Issues
  • Healing Work for Sex Workers
Hello, I'm Danny. I'm here to show you a more pleasurable way of life...

Your guide for sensual self care. I’ve been blessed with an ability to connect with folks from all walks of life. I’m an intuitive and empathic person and am able to connect deeply with my clients while remaining objective and curious.

I’m a huge proponent of creativity and pleasure  along with being “in the now”. I’m a nature enthusiast, tarot reader and a genderqueer, polyamorous, loving pervert – a modern LA hippie babe. I believe in sunshine, sensuality, and growth.

I’ve traveled a unique road that has taken me on a beautiful healing journey for myself. I’ve now learned to help others heal by sharing my experience and areas of expertise so that all who cross my path can better liberate themselves.

I'm based in Los Angeles but available nationwide. I regularly tour NYC, Chicago, San Fransisco, Boston, & more!

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