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Grooming for a Date with a Sex Worker

Or any casual sex encounter!

If you’ve paid any attention on the internet, you’ll notice that many folks complain about the preparations their dates make for sex. Sometimes men in particular aren’t given the proper tools to pay attention the tiny details that may be noticed during an intimate encounter. I assure you - these extra steps will help make your companion far more enthusiastic about the experience you are having together!

#1 - Wash your body!

With soap! Yes, do it again when you arrive! WITH SOAP!

Unfamiliar aromas of a stranger are more often than not a turn-off. It really takes some affection and familiarity for a person to appreciate your unique body aroma - especially for feminine people with lots of estrogen who often have more sensitive senses of smell!

You may not smell like “B.O.” but you do have an aroma. When having a casual sex encounter, you want to leave aromas out of it! Even if you just showered before you got in the car - sitting in the car with your huevos nestled cozy betwixt your legs, you will begin to accumulate an aroma. Wash again! The last thing you want is for someone to be going down on you and being focused on escaping an aroma they don't like! Make your crotch an inviting and neutral space!

#2 - Deodorize *properly*.

I must emphasize the word "properly" here. Do not use heavy fragrances, colognes, or anything of the sort unless you have asked your date if they enjoy that particular scent. Again, a strong or unfamiliar scent can be a huge distraction - even if it smells “good”. Err on the side of natural and neutral deodorants.

Most importantly DO NOT use deodorant near your genitals! Nothing Is worse than a mouthful of drying deodorant! YUCK!

#3 - Treat problem areas

If you have some intimate areas that get a lot of heat, rash, or aromas and feel compelled to use deodorant, instead try some tea tree oil!

Many men who are bigger and/or have a lot of sugar or processed foods in their diet can get yeast rashes. Sometimes they are visible, sometimes they create a unique body aroma that an be hard to get rid of even with a shower.

Mix some tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle or with a carrier oil. Use it after each shower and it will be gone in no time - and will also help you smell fresh! Wait for it to dry or absorb and follow with a natural body powder to keep yourself fresh and chaff-free.

#4 - Trim and file nails.

Hey, maybe even get a manicure to call in the pros. But please be aware that cutting your fingernails isn’t enough!

When you are grooming for sex, please be sure to scrub, trim, and FILE your nails. Cutting fingernails can leave sharp edges that are not friendly to our delicate parts. If you want to explore with your fingers freely - groom them well!

#5 - Clean your hole!

Even if you aren’t into butt stuff and don't want any action down there, your date is going to be in pretty close vicinity to your booty.

At the bare minimum, without exception, use a soapy finger to thoroughly wash around and just inside of your hole. Wiping is not enough! Our butts harbor bacteria and aromas that will be present if you don’t thoroughly wash!

If you DO want anal play, go further. Use an enema! Shit happens, but we want to avoid it if possible. I advise getting a fleet enema at any pharmacy - no need to be shy, people use them for all sorts of reasons! When it’s time to use it, empt out the saline inside and replace with body temperature water. The saline can trigger a deep cleanse which is great if youre constipated, not great if you’re about to go on a date!

Also important to eat a clean diet for 24 hours before your date, and no eating after the enema is done - this can trigger more bowel movement!

#6 - Gently clean your mouth.

But not too soon before a sex date. It is recommended to not brush or floss within four hours before a date. If you really need a brush, focus on the tongue, be gentle on gums, and use some mouth wash. The reason being is that brushing can cause micro abrasions in the gums which can make your more susceptible to STI transmission.

Oral STI transmission is on the lower risk side and more common in the throat, but it’s a good idea to be safe! Also great to rinse with an alcohol based mouthwash after sex too!

#6 - Cover any owies.

Not only is it off-putting, but if you have open cuts on your body, you increase the risk of blood borne pathogens being transferred. Use bandages, gloves, whatever is needed, and inform your date of any injuries so they can better take care of you and themself.

#7 - Pee after sex.

This is more for ongoing maintenance, but don't forget to pee and wash after sex! Peeing after sex helps clear any bacteria or potential viruses from the urinary tract, thus lowering the risk of infection! Same goes for showering. Even if your date is recently tested and STI-free, we all have various bacteria on our body's that can conflict with a sexual partner's unique chemistry.

Be human and be comfortable!

These are all guidelines to help you considerate and make your body more pleasurable to work with for a sex worker. However, at the end of the day, we are all human and we all have bodies. All bodies are just as weird and gross as they are divine and pleasurable!

Don’t be shy or ashamed of whatever is going on with your body! Be communicative and straightforward. Don’t be afraid to explain any areas of concern or communicate your needs.

Sex and exploring each other’s bodies is a beautiful experience. The best way to have sex is to be open and comfortable with your own body. Stay informed, feel free to communicate, ask questions, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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1 Comment

Jan 20

Thank you! We should know this stuff but men often don't like to talk about it (or even think about it). I should re-read this before every date. You're the best! 💖

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