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Policies and FAQ

Below are some policies and suggestions based on frequently asked questions. If you don't see your questions answered here, please feel free to ask! It is best to have precise information so that you may have the most fulfilling experience with me. I also suggest my pre-session consultation for $44.

Session Etiquette

A few important tips:

We should always begin any sensual time with you taking a thorough shower with soap on your hands and body. This is a courtesy for my comfort, whether at my place or yours, whether you're just arriving or we are returning from an excursion. This is required even if you just showered at home.

Always be ready with payment. It is customary to place any payment owed in plain site upon arriving. (I prefer the bathroom counter)

Make any toy, outfit, or other requests with ample notice.

Always ask before trying anything physical, and communicate your own needs clearly.

I will be mindful of the time for you and prompt a close to our session, but please notice when it is time to leave and make sure to exit in a timely manner.

Smile, don't stress and have fun. When in doubt, ask questions. I'm here to help :)


I always do my best to work with you for a reasonable reschedule. Otherwise, this is my policy:


Cancellations  of hourly sessions with under 24 hours from the session time require the entire session fee. ​


Cancellations under 4 days for tours require 100% of the session fee to be paid.​


Sessions 12hrs+ cancelled  with less than 7 days notice may be subject to the entire session fee if it can not be rescheduled within four weeks. 


I'm always honored to receive gifts and tips or other special tokens of appreciation. These are not required but very valued. View my bio for my sizes and likes. Please - no gifts that contain gluten , artificial ingredients or fragrances. 


I do not discriminate on the basis of race, mental or physical ability, skin color, body type, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, or religious beliefs or anything that makes you uniquely you. 
I ask that you represent the same values as well.

Grooming and Clothing

I have no preferences for your clothing or personal presentation. I welcome whatever is uniquely you. I also have no body hair preferences. I love for you to embrace your body how you see fit.

Please avoid using excessive cologne or fragrances. Please do not use deodorant in the pelvic area. (If you need a refresher for areas prone to chafing I suggest a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with water or a carrier oil)

Please be sure to trim nails, have freshly brushed teeth, and be overall clean and fresh for our mutual comfort - I will do the same (unless requested otherwise!)

I will always dress fashionably casual unless requested otherwise. I am happy to consider any outfit suggestions or lingerie requests. If you have specific desires, check out my bio for my sizes and surprise me with your favorite items for me to wear! I can also arrange these items at your request for an additional fee. I do not typically wear heels or dresses and if this is a must for your enjoyment - a fetish fee may apply. 

Prepping For Play

If you plan to receive (bottom/toys/prostate massage) please eat a vegetarian diet for 24 hours prior to your session. Kindly use an enema before arriving, or once we are together while you clean up and shower. I am happy to provide one for you upon prior request.

Substance Usage

If you would like to use any substance to enhance your experience, please ask ahead of time and bring them with you without using them ahead of time. If you smoke cigarettes please avoid any strong cigarette smell. I ask that you arrive completely sober. If you drink or use substances before our session this will disrupt our mutual comfort and energetic flow.

Substances can be used responsibly within session - please ask ahead. 

If you are booking a medicine journey, it is crucial that you do not use any substances for 24 hours before our session. View more on my medicine page.


Please be mindful of the environment you choose to have me visit, so that I can best show up for you without any distractions and disruptions to the experience I am providing. 

I am happy to visit homes that are in safe neighborhoods, are tidy and clean and where you live alone and do not smoke cigarettes indoors. 

I love all animals and would be thrilled to meet your pets, but please consider if you have a disruptive pet that will interrupt our private time together. Pets must be crated or put in another room for our sensual time together.

Environment and ambiance is extremely important to our time together. If these guidelines are not met at your home, please book a comfortable four-star or higher hotel room. 

Please have bottled water available.


Any session over four hours should provide a snack and sessions over six hours should provide a meal - your treat. If you would like to arrange this in advance, please request my dietary needs.

Please also be sure that if you are hosting that clean, bottled spring or reverse osmosis water is provided.

I'm also happy to arrange and bring delicious and healthy treats to bring along for an additional $150 fee.


I prefer to provide duos with providers either you or I have previously met so that we can ensure the best chemistry possible - but I am open to meeting new friends as well! I just ask that the provider chosen is authentically queer or bisexual so that they are genuinely comfortable in a sensual setting with me.

Please be aware that it is customary that the rate for both providers should match that of whichever provider charges the higher rate unless a special rate has been offered. 


Sessions 16 hours and longer require uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. I require 6-7 hours of sleep for 16 hour sessions and 8 hours of sleep for 24 hour sessions. I also require private grooming time to prepare for bed and begin the day where appropriate. 


Each client that chooses to contact  or meet Danny Gold for any purposes understands and agrees to the following:

Any statements on this website are not indicative of services or activities that are being solicited. 

Clients who engage in coaching, educational, and healing services are consenting adults in control of their own actions and choices and understand that any advice or recommendations given are based on anecdotal evidence and personal experience or studies that Danny Gold has participated in and are not intended to resolve any physical or mental health issue. This information is intended to be informative of potential resources and practices available.

Danny Gold is not a medical professional.

Danny Gold is not a licensed psychotherapist. 

Danny is not a licensed massage therapist.

Clients absorb any personal risk and liability in choosing to engage in any and all practices alongside or involving Danny Gold. 

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