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Medicine Ceremonies

What is Medicine?

I define Medicine as any substance that can be used with an intention of healing the body, expanding one's consciousness, or enhancing and clearing blockages to a sensual or healing experience.

This an include medicines as mild as essential oils, herbs, and massage creams. It can also include intensively psychedelic plants or chemicals. 

Book a consultation to find out what I work with and gain further insight into what tools may help you!

Preparing For Ceremony


The key to effective Sacred Medicine Ceremony is intention. This is what distinguishes medicine ceremonies from "getting high" recreationally although there may be some overlap in the substances used. Medicine is conscious and intentional while partying is a form of escapism. Neither is good or bad, just different with different benefits.

To assist your work, set an intention. What do you want to learn? What do you want to feel? What are your goals? 

This can look like "I want to learn to be a better lover" or "I want the medicine to show me what I need to work on within myself" or "I want to overcome my fear around intimacy and vulnerability" and even something as vague as "I want to see the truth".

Detox & Diet

Whenever approaching any Therapeutic Medicine Ceremony, we want to have a very clear mind and body. The more you sacrifice prior to Medicine, the more you will open yourself up to receive the lessons you need to learn. When utilizing Psychedelics, this becomes even more important to help you achieve a sense of expansion and oneness.

What should be sacrificed? Any habits or substances that distract you from being present or deplete your energy. This can include, sex/self-pleasure/orgasm, food, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, social media, loud/aggressive music or movies, etc. For deeper journeys, you may consider doing this for up to a week or more before and afterward.

This can be uncomfortable, and it isn't required, but instead a gentle invitation to play with your personal power. 

It is recommended to follow a vegetarian diet and abstain from alcohol, sex, and recreational substances for at least three days prior to your journey.

I personally request that any Medicine Ceremony, big or small, begins with a minimum of 24 hours of vegetarian diet and no recreational substances including alcohol and marijuana. I also recommend drinking plenty of water and getting great sleep. These things are important for a comfortable and informative journey.

The Journey

Your ceremony include a simple and short-acting medicine or an entire weekend retreat of deep dives. Either way, it is advised to show up with an open mind and zero expectations. 

Please feel free to bring any items that you find comforting or inspiring.

You have set your intention and prepared and fasted accordingly, which will all help you get the most of your experience. However, one of the greatest blockages and limitations is The Mind. Be mindful to distinguish between intention and expectation. State your intention and release any expectations or doubt into the universe. Find complete trust in the process, and you will be rewarded - even if your initial intentions and goals were not exactly met! 

It's a journey, and there is no final destination.

When you are with me, be sure to prepare yourself for radical openness and honesty. We will likely open with some mediations, conversation, intention-setting, tarot, massage - or whatever else we feel inspired with to set the tone.

Medicine Work will often bring up feelings and ideas you weren't expecting. Together, we will melt into them with curiosity and pleasure!


Conscious integration is another equally important aspect of the Medicine process. This is particularly true for Psychedelic Medicines. As recommended in the Diet section, it is wise to be mindful of the food and energy that your consume in the days or even weeks after your journey. This attentiveness can help you integrate the benefits of the Medicine into your daily life.

It is recommended to participate in yoga, meditation, and time in nature. 

You may also purchase virtual coaching calls with me. Often times new ideas and feelings will arise in the days following your journey, Having a guide to help process these things can be very helpful. 

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