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Welcome to The Danny Gold Experience

A blog to follow the musings and adventures of your erotic psychedelic guide, kinky companion, and tantra teacher.

I'm Danny. I'm a person who wears many hats (and even faces). I've lived a unique life transforming my path, identity, and experience through overcoming obstacles, shedding what no longer serves me, and carving my own path to one ultimate goal - pleasure.

I have been a sex worker (dominatrix, escort, companion, tantrika, and even at one point a stripper) since 2007. Neurodivergent as I am, and consequently a bit of an anarchist, I've never felt right following rules that are arbitrary or based in societal norms. I have had one primary goal in life - to be happy and feel good. For me, that means searching continually for my truest self.

I've gone from brutal femme dominatrix, to high end tattooed escort, to wild and crazy slutty porn star, to hippie love and light california babe, to nonbinary-queer-psychedelic-sex coach-spirit guide-companion.

It's actually getting challenging to find a concise way to define what I provide! I hope this blog helps those who are curious get a better grasp on what I can offer to their journey.

As a soul in service to others, I am dedicated to bringing a life of pleasure to those who should desire my guidance.

In this blog, you'll read more about my personal journey, my healing with psychedelic medicine (both as a psychedelic facilitator and journeyer), my sex work services, my personal adventures, and my philosophical theories and musings.

I'm so glad you've been curious enough to find me.


Danny Gold

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