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Cancellation Policies

I will always work with my clients to the best of my ability should a cancellation arise. However, due to the sensitive nature of my work, much planning and dedication is required. I book a rather low volume of experiences to preserve my energy. Therefore, I must enforce the following policies if an agreeable solution can not met found.


If for any reason I should cancel, deposits will be promptly returned and the following cancellation fee does not apply. 


If you should reschedule, please understand that any deposits or travel expenses may be forfeit.

I will always do my best to credit any deposits, minus my expenses, toward a future booking made within a reasonable time frame. 


Cancellations of hourly sessions with under 24 hours from the session time require the entire session fee. Cancellations under 48 hours is 50%


Cancellations under 4 days for tours require 100% of the session fee to be paid.​ Under 7 days is 50%


Sessions 6hrs+ require 100% of the session fee regardless of when they are cancelled unless both parties can reschedule within the same calendar month or another amenable solution.

Fees must be paid within 24 hours of the cancellation if you would like to be able to book with me in the future.

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